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Standard Feathers - 2 Pack

Save when you buy the 2 pack of our standard feathers!  You'll get all of the great functionality at a lower cost. 

While the material used to create the FeatherPro feathers is long lasting accidents do happen.  If you make a mistake and cut a feather you won't have to replace the entire featherboard.  Simply swap out the damaged feathers for these replacements.

  • Wide Pressure Range - Our standard feathers accommodate all pressure range needs.  With our standard replacement feathers you'll benefit from higher levels of kick-out tolerance when using a shaper or router vs the ultra light feathers.
  • This package includes 2 replacement feather units.  It does not include the FeatherPro featherboard.



Here's a quick tour of exactly how the FeatherPro featherboard works. It's not just about safety, it's about better woodworking. Ultimate kickback protection and a smooth, non-marring infeed means you get a better cut everytime.

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Because of the unique design and material this featherboard uses your cuts are smoother on the infeed and the outfeed with incredible kickback protection. You'll also dramatically reduce chatter and end up with a better cut. And a better end product is what we all want as woodworkers and craftsmen.


Dramatically reduce your chance of harm through this hi-tech hinge while maintaining amazing flexibility and feel. You may be surprised to see just how many woodworkers are harmed by kickback every year. See our infographic for a more detailed breakdown of woodworking accidents and safety.


Easily swap out feather inserts when switching between a standard set or an ultralight set.


If you accidentally hit your blade with this featherboard it won't shatter or explode in your face. This not only increases your safety but it also helps protect your equipment's longevity.


You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what you're doing EVEN WHEN working with soft woods!


You don't need a left and a right featherboard. The FeatherPro is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware. You can also use it in the vertical position, not just horizontal.


How Is This Better Than The Featherboards I Make Myself?

The FeatherPro was specifically designed to have a huge mechanical advantage over traditional wood and plastic featherboards. We've found that on average it has 5X the kickback protection of these types of boards. That's a difference between 15 lbs VS 75 lbs of protection. That's a safety innovation advantage that the featherboard has never seen before. And that's just the beginning. The performance advantages over traditional boards is off the charts.

Look we understand it's easy to make your own. But we're woodworkers ourselves. We've bled for this craft ourselves. We made this tool to help keep our brotherhood safer and give them a chance at a better end product.

The Feathers Look Soft - How Often Will I Have To Replace Them?

We've run thousands of rough linear board feet through a single set of feathers during testing. 10,000 linear board feet of rough particle board in fact. By the end there was minimal wear on the feathers and we realized we'd wear out before the feathers would. They will not need replacement often. Most common reason for replacement is running the feathers into a blade (although even that won't always require replacement). The feathers are very durable.

Is There A Magnetic Version?

We tested using magnets with the FeatherPro. We've found that when these were implemented they became the weakest link. They were the limiting factor that reduced the amount of kickback protection we could achieve. So in order to make a safer, better performing product, we chose not to offer a magnetic version of this featherboard.

Will It Fit My Table?

The FeatherPro fits any table with a 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot. When you receive your product you'll find that the hardware includes aluminum miter track bars. During our testing we found this to be one of the most common sizes to use.

Does It Work With T-Bolt Hardware?

We have plans to offer a T-Bolt hardware option in the future. That's currently unavailable on the website. If you have a table that requires T-Bolt hardware please use our contact us page here and we will get you taken care of.

It's not just the safest featherboard on the market - it's the most useful all around.

** The FeatherPro includes 1 standard feather insert. It does not include the ultralight feather insert.

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